10 Top tips for academic talks

During your career you will inevitably give a talk to an audience. Although the context will vary you can follow some underlying principles to help get your message across.

Matthew Might is an Associate Professor and Presidential Scholar at the University of Utah. Through his own experiences Professor Matthew Might has put together a top 10 tips for things to consider when you are giving talks to a academic audiences. His basic principles can be applied to any stage of your academic career.

1. The audience determines the talk.
2. Practice almost makes perfect.
3. Nervous energy is exploitable.
4. Every talk should motivate a problem.
5. An academic talk is about an idea, not a paper.
6. Slides must not overwhelm the viewer.
7. Images and diagrams are better than text.
8. Maths benefit must outweigh the loss of attention.
9. Style matters.
10. Questions are not random.

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