Interview body language, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

Whether you are meeting an interview panel or preparing for a one to one interview, body language plays an important role in how well you present yourself to your interviewers. Louisa Peacock, former Job’s Editor for the UK broadsheet The Telegraph, interviews several experts in the recruitment field who give useful soundbites of advice on how you should present yourself at your next interview.

The three experts in the recruitment field who give easily applicable advice on interview body language are:-

Jeremy I'Anson
Jeremy I‘Anson
Career Coach and Author

Natalia Martinez-Peraita
Natalia Martinez-Peraita
Headhunter and Coach

David Leithead
David Leithead
Executive Recruiter

Their key pieces of advice are:-

  • make eye contact, but don’t stare
  • sit in a neutral position, use your hands but not too much, slouching is a big no, no
  • think about tone of voice, if you’re enthusiastic show it in your intonation and your expressions.

Watch the full video below.

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