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Global Academy Jobs works with universities worldwide to promote academic mobility and international research collaboration.


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Global Academy Jobs are changing the way universities recruit researchers and academics to drive research achievements and develop intellectual and professional capabilities in the academy. Until recently top-tier universities felt little need to advertise job vacancies. Now they now face fierce international competition to recruit the best academic and research talent, and are forced to invest heavily in recruitment advertising to be sure of attracting the best applicants from around the world.

At the same time early international experience is recognised as essential to a successful research career. The world’s big problems; food security, climate change, and infectious disease control, will never be solved by researchers working in one lab, or even one country. International research collaboration is essential and early international experience gives researchers the skills they need to collaborate effectively across regions and cultures.

Our Global Reach

Global Academy Jobs is now one of the largest online academic jobs boards. Our websites, regular emails and international academic jobs board reach over 100,000 academics and researchers around the world each week and we share revenue with our university alliance partners.

We work with universities across the world; continents, countries and universities share equal status both on our website and within our network. We are as proud to be working with some of the world’s newest universities as with the older, established centres of Higher Education. Our member universities understand how we help them cut their recruitment advertising costs, build their international reputation and attract the best international research and academic candidates wherever they are in the world.

Knowing that our work contributes to building better international research energizes the team running GAJobs from Oxford UK, and working with inspiring partners around the world makes it all worthwhile.

How we do it
Innovative recruitment advertising

Straightforward rate card makes it easy for recruiters to find the options they need to promote job listings (may not sound innovative until compared with other providers!).

Transparent pricing with no hidden extra charges. Our featured jobs are unbeatably priced at £300 and include logos, employer profiles and extended publication at no extra cost. Other jobs boards charge for these services.

Level playing field: universities of all sizes, in all countries, receive the same pricing, service and professionally presented job listings at GlobalAcademyJobs.com.

Full service or self-service: some universities post their own job listings and pay online using a credit card, others prefer to receive an invoice and many rely on us to post their listings on our website

Automated unlimited advertising saves on staff time and advertising costs for larger universities. Used by >50 leading universities worldwide.

Career services: academics and career centers recommend our bulletins and jobs boards to their post-graduate students.

We help academic and research organisations across the world access the global talent pool when they recruit. We specialise in vacancies in the academic and research sector, at every stage of the academic career path, from post doc and research positions, to lecturer jobs, professorial appointments and president/vice chancellor roles.

We aim to post the largest number and widest variety of roles to challenge and excite the global academic community.

We wish you every success!
The GlobalAcademyJobs Team

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