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Tips and tricks for the academic interview

The author’s key points that she covers are:-

Nail the phone or Skype interview

Communicate your logistical requirements before your campus visit

Plan ahead, and be prepared to spend money you may not have

Be thoughtful about your appearance

Do your homework

Be prepared to take care of yourself

Interview them

Be prepared for inappropriate questions

Give a compelling, well-pitched job talk

Remember that they’re hiring a colleague as well as a professor

If you don’t get the job, make the most of it and move on

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Diana Hayes

Diana Hayes

A key part of the team, Diana is achievement-oriented, forward-thinking and strategic in creating a high-yielding network of interested academics, universities and related associations. Her research and content have created genuine engagement amongst both candidates and employers resulting in a network of 250,000 academics. Diana’s experience is in sales, marketing, event management and business development.

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