How to Prepare for an Academic Interview

For many, interviews represent the stress of the job market par excellence. Yet it is a fact not often acknowledged that interviews are generally predictable, and you can prepare for them without feeling as if you are submitting to a dark ritual in the face of which passive acceptance is the only option. The aim of Dr Joy In this piece is to point out some of the rationale behind an interview, and a few ideas for practical ways that you can prepare for one, his key points are:-

Talk to others about their interview experiences

Do as much research as you can

What is unique about you (and why is that good for them)?

Identify likely questions

Practise your answers orally

The day before the interview

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Diana Hayes
A key part of the team, Diana is achievement-oriented, forward-thinking and strategic in creating a high-yielding network of interested academics, universities and related associations. Her research and content have created genuine engagement amongst both candidates and employers resulting in a network of 250,000 academics. Diana’s experience is in sales, marketing, event management and business development.

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