Diagnostic Tool for HR Leadership from Artesian Group

Free diagnostic tool for HR leadership from Artesian Group

The team at Artesian Group think that effective HR leaders spend time on those activities that add most value to the business as a whole, strategically and financially. They have grouped these activities as the following four attributes:

1. Measuring the impact of ‘People’ initiatives
2. Strategic HR leadership
3. Influencing senior teams
4. Leading self and others well

Put yourself to the test and try their diagnostic tool, The Effective HR Leader by clicking here. This tool is designed to help you diagnose how effectively you are allocating time to the things that matter to your organisation as a whole.

Diana Hayes
A key part of the team, Diana is achievement-oriented, forward-thinking and strategic in creating a high-yielding network of interested academics, universities and related associations. Her research and content have created genuine engagement amongst both candidates and employers resulting in a network of 250,000 academics. Diana’s experience is in sales, marketing, event management and business development.

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