Embrace your inner gnome

Raising your online profile is something that both established and early career academics are doing more and more. We have shared how to do this in previous posts on how to build your digital presence online.  In a brief case study Isabel Zbukvic writes about using social media channels to raise the online profile of Dr Jee Hyun Kim, Head of Developmental Psychobiology Laboratory at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Australia.

So what does this have to do with embracing your inner gnome?

The reference is to becoming a WikiGnome which is just one of several channels she used to raise Dr Jee Hyun Kim’s online profile.

In her post on The Research Bazaar Isabel Zbukvic  gives a brief overview of altmetrics, the non-traditional measures of academic citations, which are cyber-citations including Wikipedia mentions. Wikipedia’s content is created by Wikignomes and Isabel walks through the process of becoming a Wikignome and how this raised Dr Jee Hyum Kim’s profile. She writes about what worked and didn’t work in creating the content. Isabel also takes the reader through her experiences of setting up the Twitter and Instagram accounts, again highlighting what worked really well. The post goes on to share how to manage social media accounts using free online software. So if you are considering embracing your inner gnome, or using other social media channels, but not sure yet of how you’ll manage to fit this activity into everything else you are doing, this post is for you.

We feel it’s important to reiterate Isabel’s word of warning, “don’t ever post unpublished figures on the internet. Anything you post on the web (including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, anywhere!) is considered published material. That means journals won’t accept it.”

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