Interview body language — it’s not what you say but how you say it

Whether you are being interviewed by a panel or one on one, the role your body language plays is more significant than you might think.

Research suggests that 80 per cent of what you communicate at interview is non-verbal, while only 20 per cent is what you actually say.

For that reason, it’s well worth giving thought to your body language when preparing for your next interview. Reflecting in advance on what you want to express will help you avoid some of the worst pitfalls, and boost your chances of creating the best possible impression on your interviewers.

Louisa Peacock, former jobs editor at UK broadsheet The Telegraph, asks three experts in the recruitment field for their wisdom on how best to present yourself at interview.

Their key pieces of advice are:

  • Give a strong handshake, smile, and make eye contact.
  • Don’t just focus on one person in a panel – make sure to sweep the room and engage with each person.
  • Lean forward. Try to avoid both slouching and sitting too stiffly.
  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm with gesture, but be careful not to distract by overdoing it.
  • Think about tone of voice. Use your intonation and expression to communicate interest and energy.

Watch the full video below.

For further guidance on preparing for your next interview, check out 10 interview mistakes to avoid.

Finally, if you haven’t yet done so, remember to upload your CV here and start your job search today.

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