Tweet Your Science

A website rich in tools for scientists to leverage Twitter

Tweet Your Science is a fantastic site that covers everything from the basics of getting started on Twitter, to finding other scientists in your field that are using Twitter. The site is navigated as follows:

Scientist Database
Explore a database of scientists who are already using Twitter by research expertise, location or institution.

Guide to Twitter
Use the guide and learn to use Twitter so you can start connecting with other scientists and communicating your research.

Spend some time getting to know researchers who are already using Twitter and read literature on the subject of social media and science communication.

To connect with the site click here.

Diana Hayes
A key part of the team, Diana is achievement-oriented, forward-thinking and strategic in creating a high-yielding network of interested academics, universities and related associations. Her research and content have created genuine engagement amongst both candidates and employers resulting in a network of 250,000 academics. Diana’s experience is in sales, marketing, event management and business development.

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